Red Barn project

Uplands Red Barn

A Historic Renovation Project

Project Statement

While carefully maintaining the heritage of the historic Red Barn, the project will transform the building into a year-round space, including a multi-purpose room, exhibition rooms, an art workshop and other facilities.

Goals of the Red Barn renovation project

Allowing greater access to cultural activities:

  • Resolves the problem of insufficient space at Uplands;
  • Responds to needs linked to the increase in visitors to Uplands (attendance increased 75% in 3 years);
  • Allows Uplands to welcome more visitors year round;
  • Allows additional space for the Lennoxville-Ascot Historical and Museum Society to exhibit more of their extensive collection;
  • Provides a permanent space for art workshops, educational activities and cultural events;
  • Allows Uplands to offer more services to the population and various community groups.

Protection of a Heritage Building:

  • Ensures the functional expansion of the Barn in conforming to all current building norms, comforts and conveniences while still maintaining its external structure and historical characteristics;
  • By providing insulation of the building and installation of necessary services to ensure its continued usage (heating, electricity, plumbing, etc.).

Vision of the completed project

1st Floor

Multipurpose Large Room will provide space for: Concerts, School visits and activities, Theatre camp and theatrical presentations, Workshops for both children and adults, Exhibitions, Meetings and lectures, English tea and community suppers (annexed kitchenette), Events, Rentals for outside groups.

Permanent Exhibition Room allows: Exhibition of permanent collection belonging to the Lennoxville-Ascot Historical and Museum Society.

Reception Area and Facilities will provide: A coatroom, 2 bathrooms, Kitchenette.

2nd Floor

Large Attic space for: Arts and crafts courses, Artists in residence, Exhibitions.

Temporary Exhibition Room allows: Changing exhibits presented by the Lennoxville-Ascot Historical and Museum Society.

Facilities include: Storage space to accommodate artist materials and equipment, 2 sinks.

Project phases

Partnership agreements, Research into public and private funding, Financial campaign.

Provision of detailed plans, Acceptance of plans, Submission of requests.

Renovation work

Completion of renovation work, Opening of the renovated Red Barn

Estimated project cost 

Approximately $350,000

Financial campaign goal for 2009-2010

The goal of the Uplands financial campaign is to raise $115,000, an amount equal to one third (1/3) of the estimated cost of the project.

Uplands has already put aside the amount of $35,000 toward the Red Barn renovation.

Uplands Red Barn at the Heart of the Community

Did you know…

  • 1850-1890- The barn was built, probably originally as a horse barn.
  • 1895, 1897- survived two fires.
  • Late 1920s/early 1930s- The barn was altered, 1/3 of it became a stable and tack room, the rest was a garage and a woodworking shop, the attic was the same as it is now.
  • 1990-91- Barn renovations (reinforcement, new roof and clapboard replacement) done by LAHMS.
  • 1993- Gables painted and fixed, dirt floor was replaced by cement floor (LAHMS).
  • Since 1994- Used for various cultural and social activities: Art exhibits, craft sales, after-school art workshops, Lennoxville summer drama camps, musical and theatrical activities and many other events!