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The Uplands Cultural & Heritage Centre is managed by a volunteer board of directors. These are members of the community and include two members designated by the Lennoxville-Ascot Historical and Museum Society (LAHMS) and one member designated by the City of Sherbrooke (Borough of Lennoxville).


Uplands 2018 board of directors:

  • Melanie Cutting, president
  • Pauline Farrugia, treasurer & vice-president
  • Vincent Cuddihy, secretary
  • Dinah Duffield, exhibition director
  • Graham Moodie, volunteer coordinator
  • Judy Keenan, buildings & grounds
  • Kathleen Adams, administrator
  • Daniella Berstein, administrator
  • Nancy Robert, director
  • Ann Belden, representative for LAHMS
  • Esther Barnett, representative for LAHMS


  • Nancy Robert - Director
  • Arianne Arshinoff Foss - Visitor Services Coordinator (Remplacing Julie Marleau, on maternity leave) 
  • Julie Marleau - Visitor Services Coordinator
  • Summer staff (students) - Tours & Tea service


Uplands’ volunteers are a key to its success. Since its inception, the centre has relied on a pool of dedicated volunteers to accomplish a variety of tasks. Volunteers are responsible for planting Uplands numerous flowers beds in the Spring as well as preparing the gardens for winter in the fall. Volunteers are on hand to help out during special events such as concerts, open houses, workshops, and decorating the house for Christmas, and make it possible for the center to be open Sunday afternoons. Only a few hours a month is all it takes!


You can see pictures of our events & team by visiting our Facebook page

Become a Volunteer

Interested in volunteering at Uplands? Call (819) 564-0409 or email Graham Moodie.


Job Posting

Summer jobs for students

Uplands is not currently hiring. Please look out for new Summer job postings in Spring 2019. 

Email your resumé to: [email protected]


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