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 Art gallery 2019

  Current Exhibit 

 Art Bridge - Connexions

September 8 to December 15, 2019

Vernissage : September 8, 2019 (2-4pm)

Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre is proud to present Art Bridge - Connexions, the third and last part of a broader project which combines art and cultural mediation.

Ten artists connecting

Following the inauguration of the first part of Art Bridge / Pont des Arts, Uplands is proud to present the third part: Art Bridge | Connexions. A collective exhibition which highlights the works of 10 artists: Kaitlyn Card, Maya Cashaback, Joanna Chelkowska, Holly Fedida, Mira Doheny, Philip Dutton, Karine Guyon, Trevor McKinven, Regine Neumann, and Catherine Ostiguy.


  Outdoor Exhibit

Massawippi Dreams

The exhibit includes 22 large panels installed in the wooded area of Uplands. This exhibit presents the works of ecologist Karl F. Ehrlich, who uses photography as an extension of his life's work. He attempts to demonstrate the beauty of nature from a perspective centred around spirituality, emotions and the mysterious.



Cours d'eau - Waterways

Cours d’eau—Waterways is a collective project spanning over several months and is part of VitaCité, a cultural mediation project funded by the City of Sherbrooke and the Ministry of Culture and Communications. Since May of this year, artist Maya Cashaback has been working closely with Uplands and Le Théâtre des Petites Lanternes on the project.
Maya also worked closely with Brenna Filion on the design and assembly of the final product.

Cours d’eau—Waterways consisted in the creation of three large lanterns addressing the theme of waterways. Water is studied as an entity that connects us across cultures and generations. Three groups of individuals participated in three workshops and through these, were able to deepen their reflections on the theme and prepare their final piece, which subsequently became part of a collective work.

The three workshops consisted in exploring water through different mediums, from collage and watercolor with artist Maya Cashaback, to creative writing with slam poet Marianne Verville, in order to finish with the creation of a textile piece accompanied by Brenna Filion. The various meetings allowed the artists to deepen their ties with the participants in order to assemble three lanterns that would duly represent each group.

We would like to thank Arianne Arshinoff Foss and the entire team at Uplands who, through their work, were able to set up collaborations as well as organize the opening. Thank you to Le Théâtre des Petites Lanternes team, notably Kristelle Holiday and Danielle Labrie, who were present throughout the entire process. Thank you to the Foreman//Laboratoire communautaire d'art and Estrie Aide for their material donations. Thank you to Marianne Verville and Brenna Filion for accompanying the participants during the workshops and to Mathurin Coupal-Jetté for his technical assistance. And finally, a big thank you to My Shack, my choices, my future! as well as Grace Village who embarked valiantly on the project. Thank you to all the participants of this adventure who gave their time and their creativity to embark on the project. Without all of you, this project could not have been possible.




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