Temporary Exhibits

 Temporary Exhibits


Parlour Exhibit



From Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth, we mark the commonwealth's two longuest reigning monarchs, each  leaving her mark. The cabinet displays some royalty memorabilia of the  past 150 years. 


Bedroom Exhibit





A display of toys has been arranged in the  bedroom to  showcase playthings enjoyed over the years from 1867 to 2017. 


Exhibit Room

LAHMS is pleased to present Fire: Friend and Foe, an historical exhibit on the ways that fire has been harnessed by humans and some of the times fire has betrayed us, such as the extensive destruction caused by the 1874 fire in Lennoxville. 

Using artefacts, photographs, and maps from the Lennoxville and Ascot Township's past, Fire: Friend and Foe will show how fire has been used for practical purposes as well as for comfort while juxtaposing its ability to wreak destruction. From lanterns and tea kettles to firefighting gear and photographs of past fires, there will be a little something for everyone!



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